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This site, (.org & .com), contains text, images, documents, presentations, webpages (including links), and other materials, such as photos and audio files, that are copyrighted by the site owner.

These items are being made available on this site for personal and/or group viewing directly from the World Wide Web using a common, general-use web browser.

However, permission is hereby granted to materially print, copy, and/or distribute any of these items for the purpose of personal and/or group use so long as: 1) the text, images, and formats are not altered, taken out of context, and/or misrepresented; 2) the copyright notice and the notice of authorship on each page are preserved and included on all copies; and 3) use is limited to not-for-profit purposes or activities.

Furthermore, permission is granted to include links on other websites to the various items on this site under the same conditions listed for materially printing, copying, and/or distributing the various items.

Any other reproduction of these items, including but not limited to electronically posting them on any other website, is prohibited without prior written permission from the copyright holder.  Thank you.