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As in many transitioning processes, parenting starts with 100 % of the responsibility for a child’s life and activities initially resting with the parents. But maturity and curiosity comes with time, propelling the child into new adventures and situations which place ever increasing demands upon them. Adventure and responsibility go hand in hand as the child grows, leading the child to reach for new borders beyond their home and family. The extent of their responsibilities and needs grow with capability, interest, means, outside influences, training, etc..

While every aspect of a new born’s life requires the parents’ attention, a natural progression relieves the parents of rudimentary responsibilities, but introduces them to new ones of greater complexity. With this shift in the maturing of the child, the transitioning of responsibility takes on a new and redirected emphasis, more complicated and involved. Changing diapers gives way to teaching personal hygiene, which further gives way to teaching morality and respect. Transitioning methods change from care to training, then on to coaching and counseling.


  • To the Graduate:     “Your mother and I have attempted to provide you with the training necessary to begin this flight called life as efficiently and ably as possibly. But more importantly we have tried to lay the groundwork, the sure foundation if you will, upon which you can base skilled decisions that will allow you to climb safely and steadily as you begin your journey into adulthood.”