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Why send Mary

In response to my testimony about the A.N.N.A call gathering October 7 & 8, 2016, I was asked to clarify my understanding of woman and priesthood. Included below is an edited version my reply. —– I do not know of any scriptures which speak of women serving in the priesthood offices as outlined in Section 17:8a-12b, […]

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Why ticks

The following excerpt is from an e-mail I wrote the night of September 11-12, 2014 to one of my nieces about spiritual ticks and what God’s creation can teach us about spiritual hygiene. Earlier that week I learned that Faren Charles Persall, a good friend of mine from our high school days, had passed away […]

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Why do bad things happen in the world?

The possibility for both good and evil to occur in the world is the result of God’s unique ability and decision to create stewards who actually have the capacity to be stewards over that which He entrusts into their care (cf. Matthew 21:35-56). That is, God has created both angels and men and women to hold stewardship responsibilities before Him […]

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