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Why We Believe: God is the God of the living

Note: Bible references included in this post are mainly from the King James Version. The intent in using this particular English translation is to show that the subject matter is clearly represented in commonly available and accepted scriptural texts. Jesus Christ declared:  God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. (Matthew […]

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Why Emmaus

In watching the short movie “The Road to Emmaus” recently, I was reminded of the wonder of Jesus spending considerable time with two of His disciples on the day He rose from the dead (Luke 24). It was on this most unique of days that Jesus had gained victory over death and the grave. It […]

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Testimony: All Nations North America (ANNA) & All Tribes DC

Upon waking on August 31, I received a gracious invitation to fast. It was a quiet word of faith accompanied with a peaceable assurance. Because I had so much work to accomplish that day for my business, I soon found myself focusing on how best to go about getting everything done that I felt pressing […]

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