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Why Look to “the Stick of Joseph” as a Standard – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Choice Above All Other Lands The Book of Mormon provides us with an abundance of details[1] about Manasseh’s small remnant which God led out of the land of Jerusalem in 600 B.C. to an inheritance in the land blessed for them by Jacob and Moses.[2]  With these unique details come fresh insights into […]

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Why Look to “the Stick of Joseph” as a Standard – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Pushed to the Ends of the Earth Details given in Joseph’s birthright blessing—as stated by his father Jacob (Israel) and as confirmed by Moses—give us invaluable insights into the double portion of land his eldest son’s tribe received in the covenant land promised to Abraham and his seed.  Each statement of the blessing and […]

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Why Micah’s Prophecy About Horses and Chariots Matters Today

Introduction [pdf version] When teaching the people of the Book of Mormon about His covenant with them as a remnant of the house of Israel (Jacob), Jesus Christ quoted from a number of prophecies, including Micah 5:8-15.[1]  According to our Lord, Micah’s prophecy pertains directly to Mormon’s people.  It also pertains, Jesus said, to the […]

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