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Why Micah’s Prophecy About Horses and Chariots Matters Today

Introduction [pdf version] When teaching the people of the Book of Mormon about His covenant with them as a remnant of the house of Israel (Jacob), Jesus Christ quoted from a number of prophecies, including Micah 5:8-15.[1]  According to our Lord, Micah’s prophecy pertains directly to Mormon’s people.  It also pertains, Jesus said, to the […]

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Why The Book of Mormon is the New Covenant: Part 3 – Is Not This Joseph’s Son?

[Printable Draft Version] [Printable Expanded Version] Introduction (Expanded Version) Jesus Christ was assumed by many to have been fathered by Joseph, the carpenter of Nazareth. Similarly, the Book of Mormon was assumed by many to have been authored or “fathered” by Joseph Smith Jr. In both instances, the presumed “father” was named Joseph. In both […]

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Why ordinances and sacraments

When speaking to the members of His church in these latter days about ordinances and sacraments, the Lord has referred to ordinances as “mine” ordinances and to sacraments as “thy” sacraments. …and the day cometh that they who will not hear the voice of the Lord, neither the voice of his servants, neither give heed […]

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Why hast thou forsaken me? – Part 3

[Printable Version] This third part (Part 3) in the series on Jesus’ question “…why hast thou forsaken me?” includes replies to questions and comments that I received regarding the initial post in the series (Part 1).  It also includes additional discussion on related topics which are meant to further explore the depth and significance of Jesus’ questioning […]

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Passover 2016, the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings, and the joy of the Lord

This post is meant to contrast the anguish of Christ’s love with the love of men’s hearts waxing cold in these last times (Matthew 23:36-38 vs. Matthew 24:10,31). According to God’s calendar, the Passover obervance this year begins this evening, Friday April 22 (Easter was last month).  Here are a few thoughts I would like to […]

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Why cast our coats before Him

Yesterday evening, while Pam and I prepared family worship for our church services this morning, she read selections from articles on Palm Sunday that she found on various websites.  One in particular opened up a new insight to my understanding about our seasonal observance of Palm Sunday that I would like to share with you […]

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