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Why Look to “the Stick of Joseph” as a Standard – Chapter 7

Joseph, Steward of the Land of Zion A New Jerusalem Jacob and Moses were not the only prophets who spoke of Joseph inheriting a land at the ends of the earth—a land distant from Abraham’s covenant land.[151]  Another remarkable prophecy regarding Joseph’s land was preserved in the Book of Mormon by God’s design and for […]

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Why Look to “the Stick of Joseph” as a Standard – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Pushed to the Ends of the Earth Details given in Joseph’s birthright blessing—as stated by his father Jacob (Israel) and as confirmed by Moses—give us invaluable insights into the double portion of land his eldest son’s tribe received in the covenant land promised to Abraham and his seed.  Each statement of the blessing and […]

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Linking Hebrew and Egyptian written languages in Jubilee year presentations

[printable copy] Dear family and friends, Three talks presented by Dr. Douglas Petrovich at a 2017 Is Genesis History? conference have recently been posted online.  As their individual titles indicate, this collection of presentations highlight various aspects of the author’s research into evidence that the house of Israel resided in Egypt during the lifetime of […]

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Why Micah’s Prophecy About Horses and Chariots Matters Today

Introduction [pdf version] When teaching the people of the Book of Mormon about His covenant with them as a remnant of the house of Israel (Jacob), Jesus Christ quoted from a number of prophecies, including Micah 5:8-15.[1]  According to our Lord, Micah’s prophecy pertains directly to Mormon’s people.  It also pertains, Jesus said, to the […]

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Why question it – Part 1

[pdf copy] Many claims have been brought against the Book of Mormon. Upon examining them individually, it becomes readily apparent that such claims come of misinformation or limited understanding of the book itself and the work of the Lord more generally. Such is the case with a set of claims listed on the following website: […]

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Why The Book of Mormon is the New Covenant: Part 3 – Is Not This Joseph’s Son?

[Printable Draft Version] [Printable Expanded Version] Introduction (Expanded Version) Jesus Christ was assumed by many to have been fathered by Joseph, the carpenter of Nazareth. Similarly, the Book of Mormon was assumed by many to have been authored or “fathered” by Joseph Smith Jr. In both instances, the presumed “father” was named Joseph. In both […]

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